This area of our website presents a number of our different and varied projects. Each section below takes you to selected examples of our work. We are constantly updating the projects we are involved with so please visit often.

KH Construction specialise in many different areas of construction, so whether it is a driveways, a new kitchen or bathroom refurbishment or even a complete build, you can be confident in knowing that we have the experience, the expertise and the dedication to complete your project to the highest standards required by you! After all, we have an excellent reputation and this is something we endeavour to retain.

We strive to exceed YOUR expectations, whilst keeping you informed as the project develops. Maintaining a tidy site at all times with minimum disruption to you and your neighbours.

Our projects have been commissioned for sites of all sizes, from small driveways to larger, grander locations.

We treat each project individually and bespoke in design. However, if you are interested in any of our previous projects then we would be pleased to customise it to your specific location and circumstances.


Extend your living space by adding extending your property or incorpoating a heated conservatory for relaxation or dining.


Transform your old tired kitchen to a modern spacious kitchen complete with all mod cons.


Modernise your bathroom by converting it to a Wet Room. Replace old baths and showers with their modern alternatives.

Loft Conversions

Maximise your living space by extending upwardsinto your loft space.